Becoming a member

A multi-stage process

We value building our interpersonal community first, with land and structures to follow, for our relationships will shape the landscape and the many choices we will make.  A multi-stage process for joining Kyloring Housing Co-operative assists prospective members in learning about us and deciding whether the community will be a good fit for them.

Because living in cohousing is new for many of us, we offer opportunities for prospective members to participate in the social richness that is otherwise hard to come by, and to participate and share in decision-making and responsibilities. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to explore many aspects of cohousing life before making a commitment to the community.

We’ve identified several steps to help families and individuals who are interested in the project determine whether they wish to make an eventual commitment.

First, learn more

Gathering information

We invite you to first attend one or more information meetings to interact with the team and community members and obtain a broad overview of cohousing and housing co-operatives. We are eager to share where we are in the process of creating our community so let us know that you’re interested

Or, learn more about housing co-operatives and cohousing communities and ideas. We’ve included links to websites and resources on this website.  We highly recommend reading Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities, by architects Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett.  This illustrated manual provides a great overview and includes extensive case studies of dozens of diverse communities in Europe and North America. 

ready to take the next step?

Become an explorer

Become an Explorer

Take the next step to explore the Kyloring Housing Co-operative community!
Being an Explorer enables existing and potential members to get to know one another.

When you join as an Explorer, we invite you to participate in the community design process.
Explorers are required to attend a one-on-one meeting to learn about the project to date. You are also entitled to 6 months of participation in our meetings, workshops and social activities. Explorers have access to all project documents and communication tools. Explorers have no decision-making rights, but are encouraged and expected to participate in discussions.
Need a little more information or inspiration? Come along to one of the free info sessions which are held regularly.

We ask prospective members who have become Explorers to begin to assist in our creative acts of community by taking part in any of our activities, giving us all an opportunity to get to know each other better.

This may include:

Join us on a field trip.  About every two months, we plan a field trip relevant to some aspect of cohousing life. We’ve attended conferences on cohousing and visited other cohousing communities in Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon.  We go on local outings to look at land together, to tour small houses, or to see alternative energy options. These trips are a great way to see how we are putting our intentions into practice.

Join us for shared social activities.  These informal gatherings invoke much laughter and sharing.  We learn so much about each other. Your contact person will fill you in on upcoming events.

Attend a committee meeting.  We try to stay efficient by allocating tasks and we’ll acquaint you with our current committees.  Our committees do the research and work necessary to develop and sustain the community. We invite Explorers to attend a session of one or more of our committees to get an idea of how we function.  Just let us know your interest and we’ll include you.

Meet with designated Members to discuss potential financial obligations and levels of risk.  We can offer referrals to professionals who can assist households to review the feasibility of their meeting the costs.

Assess the Financial Commitment.  While the exact costs of the project overall and therefore the projected costs of individual units is not yet known, the financial commitment of the ultimate participants in the cohousing project will be significant. We are open to discussing the financial challenges and other concerns